5 Day Ukulele Mother's Day Adventure
5 Day Ukulele Mother's Day Adventure
5 Day Ukulele Mother's Day Adventure
5 Day Ukulele Mother's Day Adventure
5 Day Ukulele Mother's Day Adventure

5 Day Ukulele Mother's Day Adventure

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Welcome to this beginner ukulele course for mums.

These 40 minute lessons are delivered through Zoom over five consecutive days. Beginning on Monday May 11 (after Mother's Day) , they start at 8 pm (AEST) and run for 40 minutes.

During these lessons, Woody teaches ukulele basics: tuning, strumming, chords and simple songs that form a launch pad for further independent learning. Individual video instruction, questions and comments are also encourage in the lessons. Mum's can  learn techniques for teaching and inspiring their own children/family to share in music. There are also opportunities to customise the lessons to group requirements or interests.

Strictly limited to 20 participants.

This course accompanies Woody's 5 Day Adventure for Kids and the Beginner Course, providing a kick start for family ukulele in your household!


Woody is Australia's premiere ukulele teacher for children, families and school students, having taught thousands kids to play. Woody plays music with the heart of a child, entertaining kids and adults alike. His joyous shows and workshops teach families to do the same and you don’t have to have a musical bone in your body to participate. Just pick up a ukulele and have a go!

How does it work? 

  1. You receive a download PDF with the link to the Zoom Meetings.
  2. Sign up to the Facebook Support Group where you can ask questions and share with others
  3. Tune in everyday at 8 pm, starting Monday 11 May (or watch on replay)
  4. Play along, ask questions and enjoy!


  • “This online course is perfect for our needs with fun lessons that he can re-watch when needed and practice independently. The songs are wonderfully age appropriate. And this non-musical mum is learning alongside of him too. We love it.” … Cherie, Mum

  • “Woody teaches in such a fun and engaging way: … Chris, teacher

  • “These lessons helped my 8 year old to discover music” … Megan, Mother

  • “Short and simple videos for any age group to follow along with and feel successful” … Joanne, Mum